20 Stunning Long Exposure Photographs

Long exposure photography is a very peculiar type of photography. In a long exposure photography, the shutter of a camera is left open for a prolonged amount of time to capture the moving element of a subject. Long exposure gives photos the sense of motion which otherwise the stills would lack. Long Exposure has found a lot of use in late night pictures of light mostly. We see a lot of long exposure photos taken at night. Long exposure is rarely used in the day-light, mostly because keeping the shutter open for too long over-exposes the photos during day time. However at night, the same long exposure turns a dark and boring photo into an interesting one with a whole new dimension.

We have selected a very few bunch of the best long-exposure photos taken by creative photographers. These photographs contain creative light-graffiti art which is only possible by leaving the shutter open for longer than normal. Some of the photos here have as long as a 30 second Shutter speed.

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I'll see you at the end. {Explored!}

I’ll see you at the end. {Explored!} By Bachman’s Ivory

sparklers against water

sparklers against water By duane.schoon

... glow

… glow By Vernon Trent


Activity By Михаил Чуркин


SafeFireBy Михаил Чуркин

Glowing Heart

Glowing HeartBy Bass Embrace

Light Writing

Light Writing By Jonas Zieher


Hair By Михаил Чуркин

Rave Dance - glowstick trick

Rave Dance – glowstick trick By RK Illustration

composition exhibited

composition exhibited By { tcb }


Pretzel By Bass Embrace

more glowstick fun (10/17)

more glowstick fun (10/17) By massdistraction

Clowns Without Borders

Clowns Without Borders By streetcorner


IMG_1376 By Abzi


SL731123 By Kabooze


Spirits By Михаил Чуркин


turntable By Михаил Чуркин


Untitled By Михаил Чуркин


posthumus_cake By { tcb }


Astronauts By Streltsova Nataly


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    really awesome snaps i like very much………..

  3. awesome!, es muy especial el hacer este tipo de fotografía.

  4. stunning and incredible. i always want to take a photograph like this. awesome!!

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