35 Award Winning Photographs From Around The World

Photography is an amazing thing. With photographs, you can describe almost any emotion, sensation or any type of situation. Photographers from around the world keep travelling and looking for that ‘perfect shot’. Most of the times, the resulting image is an amazing combination of creative composition and unique situation.

The showcase you see here is of the best photographs that won them awards. They don’t fail in converting the meaning of a thousand words. The photos are taken from various photography contest held online regularly.

National Geography’s Award Winning Photos

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Army Rifles

Award Winning Lake photos


High Speed Droplets

Water Drop photo by Wei-i-Lei | See more High Speed Photographs

Bolivia Border

PixCetera Award Winning Photos

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Aurora Photos

As Linda Drake photographed this northern lights display, she quickly moved so that it looked like the aurora was coming straight out of the tent, like smoke.

Dragon Fly Photos

Minghui Chen saw these damselflies and quietly followed the mating couple in flight and waited for them to get tired and land. Minghui Chen’s persistence paid off when she got this perfect heart-shaped composition.

Lion Hunting Zebra

On a hot morning in the Mara, a zebra stood alone in a grassy field with a wound visible on its shoulder. As the zebra walked slowly away, it made the mistake of scratching its wound against a bush, triggering the lions into action.

Polar Bear Greeting

This image was taken from the railing of an expedition ship. The bear approached to check us out, raised himself upright and started to wave his impressive paw.

Penguin on Shore

From remote vantage point, the world of the African penguins could be observed.

Frozen Lake

Using a slow shutter speed allowed Mike Reyfman to blur the water and create the illusion that the man is frozen into an icy surface. Mike Reyfman’s friend, fellow photographer Dmitry Moiseenko, had to stay motionless as Mike took this shot.

Mountain Lion Photo

This mountain lion’s favorite spot is a large rock formation where he rests in the late afternoon. Photographer waited patiently until he stared directly at him.

Award Winning Photojounalism Photographs

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Kenya Protest

Army Photo


Metro Crash Honor

Sony DigiCam Award Winning Photos

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Strawberry Splash

Cat Old Man

River Leaves Fall

BBC’s Award Winning Photos

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Snow Leopard

Trouble Maker

Dead Lock

Nikon’s Award Winning Photos

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Eagle Fight

Owned by Army

Sleep with Sheep

Tattoo plus Dog


Myanmar Cave

Forest Core Poland

Miscellanous Award Winning Photos

Girl in Blue Photo

“WATER” by Joseph Goh Meng Huat

White Birds Sharing

Indian Train

Ahmadinaja Iran

Missile on Back
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