35 Jaw-Dropping Examples of High Speed Photography


High speed photography is a technique used by photographers all around the world.  In high-speed photography, a very fast phenomena is captured. Mostly the camera used to take high speed photos is capable of taking 128 frames per second or more. In high-speed photography, an action of frozen in one shot. The phenomena captured by the high-speed cameras are normally not distinguishable by naked eye. For example, you don’t see exactly what happens when you pinch a balloon with a pin or something sharp. You are just able to interpret a couple of actions only. However, high-speed cameras record the same balloon burst with greater detail and show you exactly what is happening in each micro-second.

We are showcasing 35 best high-speed photographs which will help you further understand the concept of high-speed photography. Unlike other photography techniques, high-speed photography mostly boils down to the feature set of the camera itself. If you have a pretty good camera capable of taking at-least 128 frames per second, you will be able to take high-speed photos. Otherwise, your camera will just capture a motion blur.

High Speed Photos

Strawberry Getting Shot by Alan Sailer

Bullet through Bottle

Bullet Through Bottle by Johnny Lee

High Speed Photography

Paintball Blast by Alan Sailer

High Speed Hand

Water Droplets on Palm by Pink Sherbet

High Speed Pinch

Balloon Pinch by Rouwkema

High Speed Water

Hight Speed Fruit Water by Starmag

High Speed Girl Wine

Wine Splash by Abrabs

High Speed Bubble

Popping Soap Bubble by Richard Heeks

High Speed Bulb

Bullet through Bulb by Spyzter

High Speed Ball

Rotating Ball by River

High Speed Glass

Marble and Glass by Fotoopa

High Speed Bulb Crack

Bulb Cracking by Warloofer

High Speed Broken Glass

Broken Glass by Jose Francis

High Speed Punch

High Speed Punch from Discovery

High Speed Card Photo

High Speed Card by Edgerton

High Speed Water Colors

Water Colors by Fatooga

High Speed Color Droplet

High Speed Color Droplet by Fatooga

High Speed Coffee Cup

Coffee Drop by Inapond

High Speed Shower

Bathroom Monster by Innoxiuss

Fast Shutter Photos Egg

High Speed Embryo by Nebarnux

Fast Shutter Photos Bulb

Bulb Blast by Kalimistuk

Fast Shutter Photos Balloons

Water Balloon Awesomeness by Incredimag

Fast Shutter Photos Drinks

Fetch Red by Scott Dickson

Fast Shutter Photos Tin

Bullet Drink by Nebarnix

Fast Shutter Photos Colors

Photo by Breic


Dipped Orange by Flew

Fast Shutter Photos Balloon Colors

Liquify by Kev Lewis

Fast Shutter Photos Boy Swimming Pool

Boy Splashing Water by Heldes

Fast Shutter Photos Balloon Pinch

Balloon Pinch by Wolf

Fast Shutter Photos Droplet

Photo From E Graffiti

Fast Shutter Photos Cigarrete

Bullet through Cigarrete by David Neff

Fast Shutter Photos Buttons

Photo by Fatoopa

Fast Shutter Photos Santa

Santa Better Watch out by Alan Sailer

Fast Shutter Photos Lockheed

Lock Heed Aircraft by Bill

Fast Shutter Photos Water Cap

Water Cap by Abrams

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