30 Beautiful Volcano Photography Examples

Volcanoes are one of the most dangerous things created by nature. Volcanoes, when active, can put a lot of fear in people’s mind. Rightly so, volcanoes have been known to be the worst causes of mass disaster. Still, the volcanic eruption is a natural process that has to occur everyday. Numerous volcanoes erupt everyday in every part of the world, though they are not mostly in the areas with population or the eruption isn’t strong enough to cause measurable damages.

When not causing property and life loss, volcanoes are equally beautiful as any other natural thing. Tose tapering tips, the red lava coming out of it and the smoke and rocks blasting out of the volcanoes are beautiful to took and and capture into a beautiful photograph. Many photographs risk there lives and their health for the sake of taking a photo of volcanic eruptions. Taking photographs of dormant volcanoes isn’t risky, but the photos are equally awesome.

The beauty and magical sensation of the volcanic photos is evident from the photographs we have showcased here. These aren’t the most awesome photographs you will ever see, but the fact that photographer put their lives in danger to shoots these make them worthwhile.

The trick to taking beautiful volcano photographs lies in the fact of being at the right place at the right time.
Sparkling_lava - Eyjafjallajokull_volcano
Sparkling lava – Eyjafjallajokull volcano by Skarpi

Cracks-of_Doom Eyjafjallajokull volcano by Skarpi

Going_to_the Volcano_mary_curtis
Going to the Volcano by Mary Curtis

Halemaumau Volcano by Sparky Leigh

Sunrise with a Volcano by Dennis Annoti





moon over volcano by gail williams
Moon over Volcano by Gail Williams

Volcano at Fimmvorouhals by Sveinn Micaelson

Tavurvur Rabaul Volcano by Eric Lafforgue

Kasatochi Volcano by AKdave

Mayon Volcano by Bar Fabella

Erupting_cone at_Lengai_volcano_by_volcano_discovery
Erupting Cone at Lengai Volcano by Volcano Discovery

Volcano Walk by Skarpi

Anak Krakatau Volcano by Tom Pfeiffer

Volcano Erupts In Iceland by Eypor Jovinsson

Star Trail Volcano photo Martin Rietze

Chile Volcano by Martin Rietze

The Old Volcano by Kaja

Three_Volcanos_at Lake_Atitlan_polar_photo
Three Volcanos at Lake Atitlan by PolarPhoto

Havo Manage via USGS

Flowing Lava Martin Rietze

Lava Shooting Martin Rietze

Smoke and lava Martin Rietze

Molten Lava QT Luong

Anak Krakatau Volcano Tom Pfeiffer

Lava Lake
Lava Lake by Swiss Educ

Volcanic Coastal fire from Hawaii Landmark Images

Did you like these volcano photographs? If you have seen any better volcano photographs and would like to share with us, drop us a comment below.


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  30. Kirk Schleiffarth /

    Awesome photos. I posted some volcano photos I took in Colima, Mexico on my travel blog http://krunkkirkblog.blogspot.com/

  31. Mis E Nightingale /

    YOUR VOLCANIC PHOTOS ARE BRILLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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