Killer Photos: 32 Water Droplet Photographs

Water Drop photography has been on the rise lately. Many photographers are seeking new ways of taking creative photos of water droplets. Be it slow-shutter or fast shutter, we get to see many creative and astonishing photographs of water drops. The key to taking stunning water drop photographs lies in 3 key elements: Light placement, timing and flash duration. A good combination of all the elements lands a beautiful water-droplet photograph.

We have compiled a list of 32 best water-drop photos for your inspiration. Check the composition and other minute details, together these things make the photographs stand out.

water drop photography

Photo by Steve Wall

water drop photos

Photo by Maheash Nelanka

water drop collection

Photo by Yogendra Joshi

water droplets

Photo from FairChildGarden

water drop cloth

Photo by choirbell

water beading waterdrop

Water Beading on Saab

water drop stunning

Photo by Isolino Ferreira

Rose with water droplets

Photo from NatureWallpapers

purple water drops

Photo from CWB

water droplets

Photo by In Cheryl Kim

stuff in water drops

Photo by Steve Wall (Click the picture for Tutorial)

water droplet color

Photo by Steve Wall

multitaking drop

Photo by Steve Wall

waterdrop reflections

Photo by Jingle526

water drop queue

Photo by Dooumn

closeup waterdrop

Photo by Htet Aung

rose waterdrop

Photo by JJ

falling water drop

Photo by Kees Smans

two face waterdrop

Photo by Kees Straver

falling water droplet

Photo by Kees Smans

tulip water drop

Photo by Kees Smans

water drops leaves

Sijo Kodiyan

spring drops photo

Photo by Steve Wall

rain drop water drop

Photo by João Paglione

leopard water drop

Photo by Agnisoonu K

waterdrop flower

Photo by Samuel

color stripes waterdrop

Photo by Nicolas Chateau

water drop stripes

Photo by Heikki / digi Luhtala

water drop photoshop

Photo by Peggy Reimchen

water drop crown

Photo by Randy

water drops smoke brush

Photo by Mark Watson


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  18. Nice shot.
    Have a look at my droplets shot using a pocket camera.

  19. Loving these

  20. those were amazing droplets

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