Astounding Examples of Wide-Angle Photography

Wide Angle Photography is one of the most used techniques by the photographers of our age. Gone are the days when people were obsessed with big zoom lenses and used to take the photographs at the closest zoom possible, missing out on the close-ups and wide angles.

Wide Angle Photos

So, what is wide angle photography all about? Wide angle photography is the technique of taking photographs at a very low focal length. The focal length of a Wide angle lens is smaller than those of the normal lenses. In essence, anything shot below 20mm focal length can be called a wide angle photograph.

However, many photo enthusiasts who have just started to try their hands at the wide-angle photography might start at a 24mm wide angle lenses. 24mm provides a very good coverage without being radical. It is also much cheaper than  10mm or similar lenses.

Whether you are a professional wide angle photographer or have just started to learn wide angle photography, it is always a good idea to refresh your skills by taking inspiration from the best wide angle photographs ever taken. Here, we have included some of the best photographs from the wide angle photography world.

If you have would like to contribute your work or someone else’s work, you are welcome. Let us know in the comments below or use the ‘contact’ link.

Ancient Wisdom by InebriantiaWide Angle Photography Ancient

Anywhere by lAliu

Wide Angle Photography

At the lights by PetecarrWide Angle Photography At the Lights

Chasing Goals by NadavDovWide Angle Photography Goals

Classic by NixonnusmaxusWide Angle Photography Classic

Cows by DreamCa7cherWide Angle Photography Cows

Eiffel by Scott StulbergWide Angle Photography Eiffel

Evening by imbacile

Wide Angle Photography Evening

MX Wide Angle by 6thGearMX Wide Angle

Extra Wide Angle by loloWide Angle Photography Extra Wide

Flat and Green by tisboneWedding

Giants by almiller

Wide Angle Photography Giant

In the Mist by LuciasTearWide Angle Photography Mist

IR Rainbow by PuffinPunkWide Angle Photography rainbow

Kangaroo court by Hotburrito2Wide Angle Photography Kangaroo

Tou Longe by borissovWide Angle Photography Sky

Cows by Peliuf

Wide Angle Photography

NotreDam by rh89

Wide Angle Photography Notre

Reach by almiller

Wide Angle Photography Building

Sistene Stairs by photodanWide Angle Photography Sistine

Solny by tisbone

Wide Angle Photography Solny

Staples Center by Keneth SolomonWide Angle Photography Crowd

Stunned Mullet by hotburritoWide Angle Photography Water

Tranquil by mushed potatoWide Angle Photography Sky

Vazon Kiost’s Benches by Skandy32Wide Angle Photography Cycle

Vulcania IV by Paleuf

Wide Angle Photography Spiral

Wide Angle Tunnel by RussosWide Angle Photography Tunnel


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  2. A very good collection of example and very inspiring. the kid on the esaclator was an ingenious shot and the cows in the group shot was neat.

  3. I NEED ONE OF THESE LENSES! Which were used?

  4. The advice given on this site as to what or what isn’t a wide angle is misleading. It makes no reference to format or sensor size. If you have a 24×36 sensor 20mm is extreme wide-angle.

  5. Great shots!

  6. Awesome photos. Need to start saving for a wide lens now.

  7. Wow! I love the photos here. They are amazing! They make me want to take wide-angle photos too.

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