30 Incredible Photographs of Afghanistan

Afghanistan has become synonymous to war and military. It is so sad to see what has happened to Afghanistan. Today, it is hard to picture Afghanistan without the thought of military, Taliban and war coming to mind.

We have showcased some of the the best photographs of Afghanistan in this post. Most of them are the pictures of American soldiers in Afghanistan and the people living there.

We have also included the pictures of beautiful natural scenery you get to witness in Afghanistan. You can also find pictures of local community of Afghanistan and get an idea of the lifestyle of the people there.

Peace Day in Afghanistan
Peace Day in Afghanistan: Photo by United Nations

Kabul Afghanistan
Kabul, Afghanistan by Abdurahman Warsame

Scouts Afghanistan
Scouts in Afghanistan by Soldier’s Media Center

Afghanistan 2009
Afghanistan 2009 by U.S. Army

Bandi Amir
Bandi Amir by Bruce Barrett

Afghan Women
Afghan Women by Kenneth Taylor

Colorful Afghan Horizon
Colorful Afghan Horizon by US Army

Early Dawn Tacome Valley
Early Dawn Tacome Valley by US Army

Balloon Man
Balloon Man by Rafiq Maqbool

Dismounted Patrol Mission
Dismounted Patrol Mission by US Army

Afghanistan From Above
Afghanistan From Above by Tim

Little Girl
Little Girl Selling Tea by John Moore

Afghan Girl
Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry for National Geographic

Afghan Women
Poor Afghan Woman by Democracy Challenge

Afghan Soldier
Afghan Soldier by Unknown Photographer

Mountain ROad
Mountain Path by Spencer Platt

US Soldier
US Soldier on Lookout by Unknown Photography

Afghanistan Buskashi
Afghan People Playing Buskashi by Rafiq Maqbool

Afghanistan Seller
Afghanistan Merchant by Unknown

in elicottero che spettacolo
In Elicottero Che Spettacolo by Paolo Alreira

Bande Amir lake
Lake Band-Emir by Carl Mongomery

Afghan Guard
Afghan Guard by Sgt. James L. Harper

Sunrise in Afghanistan by US Army

Lake Band-e-Amir
Lake Band-e-Amir by Carl Montgomery

Sunrise Over Afghanistan
Sunrise Over Afghanistan by Storm Crypt

Mist Over Afghanistan
Mist Over Afghanistan by Paul Biris

Playing Buskashi in Kabul by Martein van Asseldonk

Sniper by Christopher S. Barnhart

Colorful Market
Afghan Market by Brian Hatch

Boy Infront of Tank
Afghan Boys in Banyam by Babak Fakhamzadeh

It is really depressing that most of the pictures of Afghanistan you can find online are the war pictures. If you have other photographs you would like to add, add them in the comments below.


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