Samsung Launches New NX Lens Series for 2011

Samsung has established its position in the world of camera technology yet again by providing us with fantastic and stunning camera lenses. The new NX system DSLR lenses provided by Samsung have been allegedly called the best in the business.

Recently Samsung launched five new lenses for its NX camera systems. These new lenses will not only give that extra bit of quality in images but will also bring more options to the professionals. The vast collection of lenses has reached up to 10 now due to the release of these new five lenses.

These newly launched lenses are very congruous with the Samsung cameras available in the market.

If the lens used will be appreciably correct and suitable for the type of image clicked, then you will for sure find the highest quality image as the output. For this reason, you must be well armored with the knowledge about lenses.

Samsung is proud to launch some new lenses into the market and to make professional photography to a new level. To ensure that Samsung must not lack behind the other competitors in the market they gave these lenses to their users.

The board of directors feels proud of their working team and has appreciated them a lot. With the launch of these new lenses, they have truly taken the world of compact system photography to a new level. Let us take these lenses one by one:

At the first comes the 18-200mm long zoom lens which is of the highest priority due to its sublime features. This lens has been embedded with quite unique modes which are helpful in recording a high definition video.

The autofocusing system produces noises at every occasion while recording a video. When you replace your lens by this new long lens you can have a high definition video with no shutter noise present in it.

Thus this feature classifies it from the rest of the lenses present. While shooting a moving object you may find considerable grain in the image, but while using this lens the output image is vivid and clear thus ruling out any shaky or blurred clicks. This feature present is known as optical image stabilization.

Zoom Lens

After this comes the turn of Samsung 16-80mm standard zoom lens, which is quite similar in working to the above mentioned lens. Mostly this lens is uses to capture videos and still images.

We can have some dormant situations while shooting images or there may be some problem with the way you have to shoot an object this lens will make you click the image quite comfortably and will provide you with the best results.

There is the same silent auto focusing system as there in the 1st lens we discussed and the same image quality but it differs only in the modes available with it. This lens is also embedded with the optical image stabilization technique making it comparatively more efficient.

Samsung 60mm Lens

The next lens in the list is the 60mm macro lens which is one of the best you can have for your Samsung camera.

With the new and superior auto focusing system and efficient optical image stabilization this lens has subsequently created an impressive image in the eyes of professional users.

This new Samsung lens comes with a supersonic actuator which is responsible for the above reliable features. This lens is the best of the lenses provided by the Samsung so far as per the professional use.

This lens also comes with manual focusing which gives you an extra bit of reliability and will make your camera look technically sound.

16 mm Pancake Lens

After this macro lens comes the turn of 16mm Pancake lens. This lens is lighter in weight and provides a much more satisfying results than you can think of. It comes with a bright aperture by the help of which images captured in dull lights can also look fabulous.

This lens goes with the style too as it has that fabulous curve look which makes the camera look ravishing. The sleek deign of this lens matches with its weight making it look gorgeous.

Besides this stylish look this lens can provide you the best quality images with high image resolutions. So this lens is also comparatively much better for the NX compact camera system of Samsung.

At the last is the Samsung 85mm portrait lenses. As the name suggests this lens is mostly famous for portrait size images.

This lens will be loved by the professionals as it has those entire features which professionals look for. The 85mm lens comes with the supersonic actuator as in the 60mm macro lens. So due to this actuator, it has that silent auto focusing system and more reliable image quality.

Like in 60mm macro lens this lens also comes with that manual fine tune focusing which can give you the desired image quality you would love to have.

The portrait sized images can be clicked and saved pretty smoothly using this lens and you would for sure love this lens. All the images clocked will look professional and par excellence.