Nude Photography Tips

In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about nude photography, including some easy tips and tricks for getting impressive quality shots.

These tips will help you learn how to take nude photos so that your models are as comfortable as possible and take the best photos you can. As a photographer and even as a model, following these simple tips for nude photography can improve your experience and lead to better images.

We cover the basics of turning, turning hard subjects, and the most important aspects of the process. Although I am primarily a fashion photographer, many of these tips translate seamlessly into both female and male nude shots.

If you’re wondering how to make your own boudoir photography or do a boudoir shoot for a client, take a look at our guide to nude photography tips and tips on how to venture into the fine art of nude photography.

Read on to get some tips for setting up your own nude photoshoot. We hope these tips and tips will help you create nude photos that your models and clients can be proud of.


You may need a little more thought to position your model when compared to non-nude photography. Photos from an angle above and below where you’d typically shoot can give nudes more impact.

A good angle can make a big difference in successful nude photography, and it can really break or make or break your pictures. If you want a photo, you can have your model shot into the camera from a different angle than when you try it from the front or back of the body, or even from behind.

I have some simple nude photography techniques that I have for you that are the opposite of trying, such as lower shooting angles. Another simple technique of nude photographers is to try a wide-angle lens, with the models standing back to you. 

While is seems like a strange suggestion, I’ve found that some porn games offer a great way to practice nude photography. Some games like Sex Emulator allow you to position the camera however you want, and act as a nude photographer, getting only as explicit as you want. I recommend checking out the Facebook page for Sex Games Report and checking out their reviews.


You may want your nude photos to be taken in a dark room with the lights off, or even outdoors. If you want to do nude shots outdoors, you should have good privacy. Be mindful of the pose and lighting, as well as the lighting and composition of your model’s face and body. 

Black and white photography opens the door to other genres, and you can use it along with nude photography to take photos that are more artistic looking. Besides taking beautiful photos of nude models, it is also a pleasure to work with black and white, to abstract nude images. 

The high-contrast nude photography is ideal for beginners with a lot of experience due to the simplicity and ease of the setup. Nude black and white photographs take you out of your comfort zone and help you see the human form from a creative point of view.

Camera Equipment

Nudes can be similar to portrait photography, but don’t plan to use the same camera equipment as a DSLR or tripod for every shoot. It is important to have a good understanding of your model’s body type, body language and behavior. Have a clear idea of what types of nude photos you want to capture.

How to Talk to The Model

Because nude shots are so personal to your model, you want to make sure you have enough detail to show the results of the images what you intend to do. A photoshoot can improve thinking and feeling, but not necessarily the image quality. 

Solving these and other problems will help to make the session more pleasant for both the photographer and the model. It also helps the photographers to see that when you start you can work together to make sure the session goes smoothly. 


Whether you are a photographer who wants to take nude photos, or a model looking for nude shots, you have everything you need to consider to ensure that both sides feel safe, professional, and respected during a nude shoot.

Just like any kind of photoshoot, we need a good way to prepare for it by getting together before we take nude photos and discussing what types of photos need to be taken. It may seem overwhelming at first, but with a few expectations across the field, including sub-genres, tips, and recommended equipment, you can dive into the world of nude photography.