25 Inspiring Ramadan Photographs

Ramadan is the most popular month amongst the whole Muslim calender. In this month millions of Muslims all around the world pray more than usual and fast for the entire length of the month.

This is the month when the Holy Qu’ran was completely delivered to Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him). This is the month when Muslims won their first battle in Bad’r. Muslims are not allowed to eat or drink during day-time hours. They are not allowed to have sex or commit any sin.

Holy Ramadan is 29-30 days long depending on the appearance of the month at the end of the month. Appearance of moon also means the start of Holy Eid, one of 2 most celebrated festivals of Muslims. In this month, people offer their help to poor people and pay a lot of money in charity. This is also the month when most of the people pay “Zakat”, a tax made compulsory by the Muslim law.

To celebrate this month with our fellow Muslim brothers, we have collected and showcased 25 of the best Ramadan photographs. These photographs won’t fail to leave an impression on your mind. If you haven’t had a chance to see this the scene of this month in-person, this showcase will help you fill that gap

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